To our foreign customers

A special space where you can have a luxurious time CLUB CHICK

Customers who visit CLUB CHICK are elite businessmen, wealthy people and politicians, and we are a place for social gatherings to expand personal connections as well as for entertainment.

we place the utmost importance on suitably selecting the many beautiful Japanese women in our establishment.

Our luxurious establishment is decorated with select artwork and furnishings and lit with sparkling chandeliers so our customers can experience elegant moments with live piano music.

To satisfy wine enthusiasts,
we maintain a stock of 1,500 bottles comprised of 200 kinds of wines and champagnes carefully selected by sommeliers. Particularly for those who know luxury, a special time spent at CLUB CHICK will be an unforgettable memory. Whether for private or business, experience Japanese culture and hospitality when hosting important guests.

To our foreign customers

CLUB CHICK is a Japanese style high-class club.
A Japanese style club is a social environment for enjoying conversation with no physical contact with the women, or taking them outside the club.

Our customers are elegant and smart people who visit to enjoy conversation with beautiful woman. Those who behave in ways inappropriate towards women should refrain from visiting.
Furthermore, we have a dress code.

We do not accept customers dressed in short pants, sandals, or very casual clothing.
Our establishment is also a place where love could blossom, so if you are a gentleman you may find love.
Come and experience Tokyo's No.1 Japanese style high-class club!